Etsy side hustles can be a great way to earn extra income without a lot of time or effort. With the right strategies and products, you can start making money on Etsy in no time. In this article, we will explore some easy Etsy side hustles that have proven to be successful for others. Whether you’re looking to make a few hundred dollars a month or build a full-time business, these side hustles can help you achieve your financial goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Etsy side hustles can provide an additional source of income
  • By choosing the right products and strategies, you can start making money on Etsy quickly
  • Consider your financial goals and choose a side hustle that aligns with them
  • Success on Etsy requires dedication, consistency, and staying up-to-date on market trends
  • Start exploring these easy Etsy side hustles today and watch your income grow

Selling Concrete Candles and Coffee Mugs on Etsy: A Time-Consuming Endeavor

When I first started selling on Etsy, I thought offering concrete candles and coffee mugs would be a profitable venture. However, I soon realized that it was far more time-consuming and difficult to ship these products than I had anticipated. The process of creating the candles and mugs required a significant amount of time and effort, from sourcing the materials to crafting each piece by hand.

Not only did the production process take up a substantial amount of time, but shipping the fragile items also proved to be a challenge. I had to carefully package each candle and mug to ensure they arrived at their destination intact, which added additional time and cost to the process. Dealing with customer inquiries and resolving any issues further ate into my time and resources.

Is There a Better Alternative?

After struggling to make a significant income from selling concrete candles and coffee mugs on Etsy, I decided to explore other options that would be more profitable and less time-consuming. That’s when I discovered a new side hustle on Etsy that required less time and effort, ultimately leading to greater success. To find out what it is, head over to my blog here.


Stand Out with Quality and Style

With countless sellers on Etsy, competition is inevitable. To make your T-shirt designs stand out, it’s crucial to focus on quality and style. Ensure that your designs are visually appealing, well-executed, and printed on high-quality materials. By offering unique and eye-catching designs that align with current fashion trends, you can attract a loyal customer base and differentiate yourself from the competition.

  1. Create designs that resonate with your target audience
  2. Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion and design trends
  3. Experiment with different styles, color palettes, and typography

By consistently delivering exceptional products and staying ahead of the curve, you can establish yourself as a go-to seller for T-shirt designs on Etsy. Start designing today and watch your revenue grow!

The Power of “Print on Demand”

One of the key factors behind my success on Etsy was utilizing the power of “print on demand” services. This business model allowed me to create unique designs on blank T-shirt templates and have them printed and shipped by manufacturers. With minimal time investment, I was able to run my Etsy shop entirely from my phone, making it a convenient and profitable endeavor.

The concept of “print on demand” revolutionized the way I approached my Etsy side hustle. Instead of dealing with inventory management and shipping logistics, I could focus on creating compelling designs and marketing my products. This streamlined approach not only saved me time and effort but also allowed me to scale my business and increase my revenue.

By partnering with print on demand services like Printify, I was able to tap into a global network of manufacturers who could fulfill orders on my behalf. This meant that I didn’t have to worry about production or shipping, leaving me with more time to focus on customer satisfaction and growing my brand. The print on demand model truly unlocked the potential of my Etsy shop and contributed significantly to my overall profit.

If you’re looking to start a successful Etsy side hustle, I highly recommend considering the power of “print on demand.” It’s a game-changer that can help you maximize your revenue while minimizing the time and effort required to run your shop. By leveraging this innovative business model, you can turn your creative ideas into profitable products and create a thriving online business on Etsy.

Diversifying Income Streams

When it comes to boosting your income on Etsy, it’s important to explore additional income streams. Diversifying your offerings can not only increase your revenue but also attract a wider range of customers. One way to expand your side hustle on Etsy is by selling mock-ups of models wearing blank T-shirts. This allows other sellers to customize their own designs, tapping into a market that craves unique and personalized products.

Why not take it a step further and venture into creating tutorial videos on YouTube? With your expertise in the print-on-demand business, you can share valuable tips and tricks, attracting a loyal following and increasing your earnings. YouTube offers a monetization program, which means you can earn money through ads, sponsorships, and even selling your own merchandise. By leveraging both Etsy and YouTube, you can create a powerful income stream that complements your Etsy shop.

Maximizing Your Earnings

  • Expand your offerings by selling mock-ups of models wearing blank T-shirts.
  • Create tutorial videos on YouTube to share your expertise and attract a loyal following.
  • Monetize your YouTube channel through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

additional income streams

Diversifying your income streams not only helps you generate more revenue but also insulates you from potential fluctuations in one particular market. By exploring different avenues like selling mock-ups and creating tutorial videos, you can tap into new audiences and increase your earning potential. Remember, the key is to find complementary income sources that align with your skills and interests. With dedication and creativity, you can create a thriving and diverse Etsy side hustle.

The Importance of Grit and Consistency

Success on Etsy doesn’t come easy. It requires a combination of grit, consistency, hard work, and dedication. As an Etsy seller, I’ve learned that building a thriving side hustle on this platform is not just about finding the right products or strategies, but also about putting in the hours and staying committed to your goals.

When I first started my Etsy journey, I faced challenges and setbacks just like anyone else. But what set me apart was my determination to keep going, even when things didn’t go as planned. I knew that success wouldn’t come overnight, so I made a conscious decision to stay focused and put in the necessary effort.

The Power of Grit

Grit is the unwavering perseverance and determination to achieve long-term goals. It’s what keeps you going when faced with obstacles and setbacks. In the world of Etsy, there will be times when sales are slow, competition is fierce, and customers are demanding. But it’s during these tough moments that your grit will shine through.

  • Stay committed to your vision and believe in your products.
  • Keep learning and adapting to market trends.
  • Seek inspiration and motivation to push through challenges.

The Importance of Consistency

Consistency is another key factor in Etsy success. It’s about showing up every day and putting in the work, even when you don’t feel like it. Consistency builds trust with your audience, improves your skills, and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Set a schedule and dedicate specific time to your Etsy business.
  • Stay organized and prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Create a routine that works for you and stick to it.

Remember, success on Etsy is within your reach. It’s about having the right mindset, putting in the effort, and staying dedicated to your goals. So, embrace grit, embrace consistency, and watch your Etsy side hustle thrive.

Selling Printables: A Lucrative Niche on Etsy

Selling printables on Etsy is an excellent side hustle that offers a profitable opportunity. With low competition and high demand, this niche allows you to tap into a market where customers are actively seeking digital downloads like planners, worksheets, posters, and stationery. By creating beautiful and functional designs that cater to upcoming holidays or special occasions, you can attract a steady flow of buyers.

One of the advantages of selling printables on Etsy is the minimal upfront investment required. Unlike physical products, digital downloads eliminate the need for inventory, shipping, or production costs. This means you can focus on creating high-quality designs and optimizing your listings to drive traffic and sales.

To succeed in this niche, it’s crucial to provide value to your customers. Offer unique and visually appealing designs that stand out from the competition. Consider providing customization options or bundling multiple printables together to offer a comprehensive package. By constantly updating and expanding your product offerings, you can keep your customers coming back for more.

Why Choose Printables as a Side Hustle?

  • Low competition: Compared to other product categories on Etsy, the printable market has relatively fewer sellers, making it easier to stand out.
  • High demand: With the increasing popularity of digital products, there is a growing demand for high-quality, printable designs.
  • Passive income potential: Once you create and list your printables, they can generate sales repeatedly without requiring additional effort on your part.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Selling printables allows you to work from anywhere and expand your business by creating new designs or targeting different niches.
  • Minimal overhead costs: As a digital product, there are no shipping or manufacturing costs involved, resulting in higher profit margins.

If you’re ready to start your printables side hustle on Etsy, make sure to optimize your listings with relevant keywords, appealing visuals, and comprehensive product descriptions. Additionally, promote your shop through social media platforms, email marketing, and collaborations with influencers in related niches. With dedication, creativity, and strategic marketing efforts, selling printables on Etsy can be a lucrative and fulfilling business venture.

sell printables

Jewelry: A Popular and Profitable Category on Etsy

Selling jewelry on Etsy is not only a popular side hustle but also a profitable one. With the right approach, unique designs, and search-engine optimization techniques, you can carve out your own niche in this competitive market. Whether you’re creating handmade clay earrings or metal jewelry, there are plenty of opportunities to stand out and attract customers.

One key aspect of selling jewelry on Etsy is offering unique designs. By creating one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found elsewhere, you can capture the attention of potential buyers who are looking for something special. Consider incorporating your own personal style, using high-quality materials, and experimenting with different techniques to create jewelry that truly stands out.

Another important factor in succeeding with a jewelry side hustle on Etsy is implementing search-engine optimization (SEO) strategies. This involves using relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and tags to improve your visibility in Etsy’s search results. Research popular keywords in the jewelry niche and strategically incorporate them into your listings to increase your chances of being found by potential customers.

Building Your Brand and Growing Your Etsy Business

  • Invest time and effort in building a strong brand identity for your Etsy shop. This includes creating a cohesive aesthetic, designing a memorable logo, and maintaining a consistent style across all your jewelry pieces.
  • Take advantage of social media platforms to promote your jewelry and attract a wider audience. Use platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to showcase your designs and connect with potential customers.
  • Offer excellent customer service to build a loyal customer base. Respond promptly to inquiries, provide clear and accurate product information, and ensure fast and secure shipping.
  • Continually innovate and expand your product range to keep your Etsy shop fresh and exciting. Stay up-to-date with jewelry trends, experiment with new materials or techniques, and listen to feedback from your customers to improve your offerings.

Selling jewelry on Etsy can be a rewarding and profitable side hustle. By focusing on unique designs, implementing SEO strategies, and building a strong brand, you can establish a successful jewelry business on Etsy. With dedication, creativity, and the right marketing strategies, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals.

Customizable Apparel: Meeting the Demand for Personalization

Selling customizable apparel on Etsy is a lucrative side hustle that taps into the growing demand for personalized clothing. With on-demand printing and dropshipping services, you can easily fulfill orders without the need for inventory. This allows you to offer a wide range of customizable options, from T-shirts and sweatshirts to hats and tote bags.

One of the benefits of selling customizable apparel on Etsy is the ability to cater to individual preferences. Customers love having the option to add their own personal touch to their clothing, whether it’s a custom design, their name or initials, or a special message. By offering this level of personalization, you can attract a loyal customer base and stand out from competitors.

  • Quality: Ensure that the apparel you offer is made from high-quality materials to provide a premium customer experience.
  • Design Options: Offer a variety of design options, such as different fonts, colors, and graphics, to cater to different tastes and preferences.
  • Easy Ordering: Streamline the ordering process by providing clear instructions and a user-friendly interface for customers to customize and submit their orders.
  • Quick Turnaround: Partner with reliable printing and fulfillment services that can deliver orders promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction.

By utilizing the on-demand printing and dropshipping model, you can focus on the creative aspects of your side hustle, such as designing and marketing your customizable apparel. This allows you to scale your business without the burden of managing inventory or shipping logistics. With the growing demand for personalized products, selling customizable apparel on Etsy is a fantastic opportunity to turn your creativity into profit.

Ready to start your own Etsy side hustle?

If you’re ready to explore the world of customizable apparel on Etsy and boost your income, check out this comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your shop, source quality products, and market your creations effectively. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to tap into the demand for personalized clothing and turn your passion into a profitable side hustle.


In conclusion, Etsy offers a multitude of easy side hustles that have the potential to boost your income. Whether you’re interested in selling printables, jewelry, customizable apparel, or digital downloads, there are various niches to explore on this platform. By leveraging the right products and strategies, you can start your own profitable side hustle on Etsy today.

Success on Etsy requires dedication, consistency, and the ability to adapt to market trends. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and continuously refine your offerings to meet customer demands. Additionally, having a strong work ethic and a growth mindset will set you apart from the competition and help you achieve your financial goals.

If you’re ready to start your journey towards financial success, there’s no better time than now. Explore these easy Etsy side hustles and take the first step towards boosting your income. Remember, with the right mindset and determination, the possibilities are endless. So why wait? Start your Etsy side hustle today and watch your income grow!

For more tips and strategies on building a successful side hustle, visit Side Hustle Approach to learn more.


What are some easy Etsy side hustles?

Some easy Etsy side hustles include selling printables, designing T-shirts, selling handmade jewelry, and selling customizable apparel.

How can I start making money on Etsy?

To start making money on Etsy, you need to find a profitable niche, create high-quality products, optimize your listings with relevant keywords, and promote your shop through social media and other marketing channels.

How much time do I need to invest in an Etsy side hustle?

The amount of time you need to invest in an Etsy side hustle depends on the specific hustle you choose and your financial goals. Some side hustles, like selling printables or using the “print on demand” business model, require less time than others.

Is it possible to run an Etsy side hustle full-time?

Yes, it is possible to run an Etsy side hustle full-time. Many successful Etsy sellers have turned their side hustles into full-time businesses by consistently creating and promoting their products and adapting to market trends.

How can I stand out on Etsy and increase my sales?

To stand out on Etsy and increase your sales, you can offer unique designs, use search-engine optimization techniques, provide excellent customer service, and actively engage with your target audience through social media and other marketing strategies.

What is the best way to price my Etsy products?

When pricing your Etsy products, consider factors such as production costs, competitive pricing, and the perceived value of your items. Researching similar products on Etsy can give you a better idea of the market prices.

Can I have multiple income streams on Etsy?

Yes, you can have multiple income streams on Etsy. Many successful sellers diversify their businesses by offering different product types or by leveraging their expertise through additional services like creating tutorial videos or selling mock-ups.

How can I stay motivated and consistent in my Etsy side hustle?

Staying motivated and consistent in your Etsy side hustle requires setting specific goals, creating a routine, staying organized, continually learning about your market, and seeking support from other Etsy sellers or entrepreneurial communities.

Do I need to invest a lot of money upfront to start an Etsy side hustle?

The amount of money you need to invest upfront in an Etsy side hustle depends on the type of hustle you choose. Some side hustles, like selling printables or using the “print on demand” model, require minimal upfront investment.

Can I use dropshipping services on Etsy?

Yes, you can use dropshipping services on Etsy to fulfill your orders. Dropshipping allows you to sell products without keeping inventory, as the manufacturer or supplier directly ships the products to your customers.